Book a Taxi Service in Haridwar For Local Sightseeing

Stepping into Hardiwar itself cleanses half the sins of humanity, this is not said by us, but this is a belief that Hindus have believed for 1000s of years. Situated at the holy river Ganga’s first entrance to the Gangetic Northern Plains, Haridwar is a must-go for people who are religious and travel enthusiasts both.

There you will not only see some of the biggest and most beautiful temples but you will also witness some of the most beautiful scenic views. And for a tourist place like this, hiring a Taxi service can be quite expensive. You will be overcharged frequently and end up having a very dissatisfying experience.

But not with Cabs 24 Hrs, as Taxi Service in Haridwar is committed to providing its customers the greatest cab ride they have ever hired and the lowest possible price. We are not only saying this, but Cabs 24 Hrs is proud to be one of the top-class providers of Taxi in Haridwar.

Safe and Reliable Haridwar Taxi Service At Reasonable Fares

No need to worry about getting the Best Taxi in Haridwar. Cabs 24 Hrs is there for you to give a world-class taxi ride at the lowest price possible. We not only give the cheapest rides, but we also ensure the safety of our customers and keep it at the topmost level of our priority list. All of our drivers at Haridwar Taxi Service are well-behaved and selected after going through an intense background check. At Cabs 24 Hrs, we ensure that you get the best experience possible.

24/7 Hours Outstation Taxi in Haridwar

Not only during the day, but you can book Cabs 24 Hrs at night also. We provide our services to the general public 24*7 at no extra cost. Also, you can contact us for any of your queries at any point in time. Be it 6 in the morning or 12 midnight, we will be there for you always. Apart from this, Cabs 24 Hrs also provides Outstation taxi service in Haridwar. This means now you have the option to travel both intra and inter-city in the same cab!. No need to book another cab for your inter-city travel. You will get your required Outstation Cabs Service in Haridwar itself. If needed, you can also rent a car from Cabs 24 Hrs as we also provide cheap Haridwar car rental services. For the lowest possible price, you can get a whole car for yourself.

What Are Famous Places in Haridwar?

Some of the famous places in Haridwar are:-

  • Har ki Pauri – Situated at the edges of Ganga, Har ki Pauri means “foot of the lord”. This holy place is a very famous tourist spot, and people come here to take a holy dip in the holy river Ganga.
  • Shanti Kunj – Also called as headquarter of All Gayatri Power, Shanti Kunj attracts millions of tourists every year due to its own reasons. Devotees from around the country come here to visit the holy Gayatri Mata temple, Devatma temple, and many more.
  • Ganga Aarti – Ganga is not just a river but an emotion and a god in India. And thousands of people come every day just to see the famous Ganga aarti. Here, priests do the puja both in the morning and in the evening.

What are Local Haridwar Taxi Services Prices?

The Local Haridwar Taxi Service prices are pretty cheap compared to other cities. Mostly due to an abundance of possible hirers. For a normal pick up from the airport, which is quite far from Haridwar, the Local Cabs Prices range between 700-900 rupees. Whereas, if you want to travel in Haridwar only then, the prices are in the range of 1600-1800 for 12Hr/120 Km. This is considered for whichever comes earlier. You can book cabs for 12Hr or travel for 120Km within 12 hrs for 1600-1800 rupees range.

Haridwar Airport Transfer Cabs Service

Since Hardiwar is a very popular tourist spot, Haridwar Cabs For Airport Transfer is a very popular requirement at all points in time. And hence, now your taxi can be booked for both pickups and drop to Airport. To avail of this service, you can either pre-book Haridwar airport taxi service or book a taxi immediately after reaching the Airport.

For pickup, you can do both for a price range of 700-900 depending on the type of vehicle. And this same price is valid for drop too. 700-900 according to the type of vehicle you choose. Timings and everything can be mentioned online during the booking of your Haridwar Airport Transfer, and payment can be done after you have reached your destination.

Haridwar Taxi For Both Oneway and Round Trip

Generally, people that visit Haridwar are tourists and they book Roundtrip cabs service instead of Oneway Haridwar Taxi Service for a better experience and cheaper price. This is because if you take 2 one way trips from Haridwar, it will cost you almost double of what you will be paying for a round trip to and from Haridwar. So, it’s always better to plan accordingly and book a round trip cab service with us since it will be much cheaper and we will have a much greater time to serve you.

How to Book Cab Service in Haridwar?

Booking a cab service in Haridwar is easier than ever. You can book a cab from Haridwar to Dehradun, Haridwar to Rishikesh or other locations anytime by just giving us a call or visiting our official website. Our bookings are open 24*7 which means we serve our services across the city at all times. For booking your next Cabs in Haridwar, just visit our website and go to make a booking section. Give your details and click on book now to book your personal cab service. Also, you can give us a phone call on the mentioned number on our website for a better experience.